The Little Guardian

The Unheard Story Of The Best Game Of 2021- The Little Guardian

Posted on Friday, 19 March 2021


Developed by the team Techy Mau Game Studio in the year  2020, As we all know that year 2020 was not that easy for everyone, we had to face the world's biggest pandemic COVID-19 So while fighting with Crises we tried to make lockdown a bit enjoyable, so we started working on our game So, we start working on the little guardian and within a few months of the launch of, The Little Guardian we reach to 5K downloads. The Little Guardian is a single-player game. The Little Guardian was the initial release on 24th September 2020 in arcades. The Idea of developing The Little Guardian is inspired by Pooyan with additional features and amazing after-effects. Pooyan is also a fixed shooter arcade game, released by Konami in Japan in 1982. The Little Guardian is a similar game to Pooyan but, in our game, you will find additional features, amazing graphics, and some different after-effects. 

“In the face of impossible odds, we made it POSSIBLE".

Game Overview & Development Stages:

About Game 

The story behind The Little Guardia includes a family of guardians and a group of sneaky enemies. Guardian, the main character in THE LITTLE GUARDIAN, has to stop the enemies from kidnapping her last child and get her missing children back. 

The game is easy to play with easy sign-up.  Within a few seconds, and once you start playing the game, the gamer will get exposed to some intriguing archery. The Player has to kill the enemy, which will walk from the left of the screen through the ridge who will be in the lift-like structure which works in the up & down direction aiming at the enemy and with each aim taken to kill the enemy, you get closer to your goal, which is to save a life. For every kill, you earn coins, and with those coins, you can attain different types of arrows: Wooden arrow, Iron Arrow, Silver Arrow, and Gold Arrow. With every empty balloon you burst, you earn one coin, and when you kill balloons with enemies, you will earn two coins. 

Research & Analyst

Since we thought to develop The Little Guardian, we have pressure because Pooyan is already a popular game and loved amongst the audience. So, we need a strong team who can develop the game and create another benchmark. 

We gather all the required resources like 

Team Lead (for managing all the assigned tasks)

Writer (who write the complete game story)

Artists (who design all the characters and game prototype)

Sound Engineer (for making the game more exciting)

Game Developer (who develop code as per the prototype)

Marketing Team (for creating hype and promoting The Little Guardian)     

Development Stages we follow

Now comes the execution of the little guardian. Like, how we develop the game, what will be the available resources for developing our game. 

Game development stages

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The second stage of development where we brainstorm how to give life to the many ideas laid out in the planning phase. We collaborate with our available resources and explain our ideas to our support team, where each piece of the puzzle fits.

Resources involved in framing our idea into a realistic form: The writer met with the project lead, engineers, artists, and developers and explained the complete story and our vision.


Now the main stage of developing The Little Guardian. We prefer to develop our game on Unity because, in Unity Rendering, Scripting, asset tracking, and physics are some of the features of Unity game development that reduce the time and cost of game development and offer flexibility to deploy projects on multiple platforms. 

We work by following these steps:

Step 1: The project lead set up milestones for each part of the The Little Guardian project and ensured each department and its team members are held accountable. 

Step 2: Design of all the characters

Step 3: Soundtracks for game

Step 4: Developers code all the characters and design of the game. 

Step 5: Execution of all parts of development in one place. 


“All code is guilty until proven innocent.” – Anonymous.

At this stage of Game Development, we ensure all the aspects of quality before it gets launch. Like is that what we thought in terms of features, quality, and accessibility. At this stage, we sent our game for the Alpha/Beta release and got an approval report.

Finally, our game is ready for market launch.  

Pre Launch:

During this stage of development, we initial release our game within our in-house team. We build interest within our subscriber's list and create hype amongst our targeted audiences.   

We start promoting our game through various marketing channels and, guess what? We receive a positive response. Finally, our hard work pays off.   


It All Add up Finish line is near!

After months of effort and days of a sleepless night, we finally got our best game. Finally, get around to making The Little Guardian sway in the wind.

Post Production:

It is the most exciting time for our Techy Mau Studio. Months of hard work have finally paid off, but even now still work to be done.  

Special Features

We include the following features of the game that makes it a lot more exciting and fun game to play:

  • Frost Arrow power
  • Stone Arrow power
  • Fire Arrow power
  • Multishot and Piercing arrows


Challenges Faced 

For a perfect archer, he has to keep few things in mind.

  1. The archer hands should be steady

  2. Eye on the target

So, this was the major challenge for us while developing our game. Apart from these, we faced additional challenges during the whole development of “The Little Guardian”

  • Enemy Vibrating: As soon as the player misses the shot and the enemy reaches the ladder, the enemy starts getting vibrating for this we have to fix bug issues and resolve them. 

  • Rope Issue: When the enemy reaches the ladder and the enemy starts throwing a hammer, the hammer stuck in the rope. The hammer then moves round and round, and due to which the player got killed. 


Today The Little Guardian is one of the most loved games within the shooting games. We are likely to reach 5K downloads and hope we will achieve more milestones. There are likely to get more updates, new levels, new weapons, difficulty level, and much more exciting features, which will be fun and your excitement of The Little Guardian never fades away. There is one strategy if you play this game during playtime, collect enough coins and purchase heavy power, this will make your playtime much more exciting and fun-loving.  


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