The Little Guardian

The Little Guardian: What's new, What's improved

Posted on Sunday, 05 September 2021

The Little Guardian, a home-based swadeshi bow and arrow shooting game, is designed for the best gaming experience. Developed by the team Techy Mau Game Studios in the year  2020. The game is thoroughly tested and has gone through 3 months of BETA testing to ensure that players enjoy playing the game. The Idea of developing The Little Guardian is inspired by Pooyan with additional features and amazing after-effects. The game is developed focusing on the kids and their interests. The story behind The Little Guardian includes a family of guardians and a group of sneaky enemies. Guardian, the main character in THE LITTLE GUARDIAN, has to stop the enemies from kidnapping her last child and get her missing children back. 

The game is easy to play with easy sign-up.  Within a few seconds, and once you start playing the game, the gamer will get exposed to some intriguing archery. The Player has to kill the enemy, which will walk from the left of the screen through the ridge who will be in the lift-like structure which works in the up & down direction aiming at the enemy and with each aim taken to kill the enemy, you get closer to your goal, which is to save a life. For every kill, you earn coins, and with those coins, you can attain different types of arrows: Wooden arrow, Iron Arrow, Silver Arrow, and Gold Arrow. With every empty balloon you burst, you earn one coin, and when you kill balloons with enemies, you will earn two coins. 

Since its release, Techy Mau Game Studios has focused on removing bugs and improving the game for the best user-experience. Let’s look at some interesting in-game improvements that Techy Mau Game Studios made. 

  1. Improve Ads Load Time: In-game ads frustrates almost every other gamer but are necessary just to provide some rest to firing fingers on the phone. But Techy Mau has resolved the long delayed ads and reduced the Ads load time by a noticeable margin. The gamer now feels less bored when an ad flashes on his screen while he is involved in serious gameplay.

  2. Arrow Visibility: Some players were feeling a bug where their arrows were getting dimmer while in air, but Techy Mau Game Studios has resolved the bug and now the arrows are not only more visible but also are more accurate than ever before giving the gamers a serious competitive gameplay experience. Techy Mau Game Studios also plans to add some skins to the arrow in the game in their upcoming updates.

    The Little Guardian

  3. Sleep timer: Now the user can go to bring some snacks during his game time as the phone will not get locked during his gameplay because Techy Mau Game Studios understands the frustration of a gamer when his phone gets locked in little time of inactivity and improved it in the latest in-game update by disabling the screen lock feature while the game is still operating in the interface.

  4. Updated Copyright Information: The Copyright Information is now visible in-game in the latest update of The Little Guardian released by Techy Mau Game Studios to let the gamers know who the brilliant minds behind their favourite game are.

  5. Improve User Interaction: This is a very important in-game feature added in The Little Guardian as the game has got tougher and a lot more challenging, all thanks to Techy Mau developing team. The levels selected will be random now and this opens the door to a lot more challenging in-game levels faced by the gamer.

  6. Improved Graphics: Who doesn’t like more colours? Well Techy Mau recognizes this and has improved the in-game graphics of the best arcade game of 2021 - The Little Guardian. The in-game levels will also come with random graphics so the gamer doesn’t get bored of playing the game continuously for a long time.

  7. Added Flash card: Techy Mau Game Studios has always been an active casual and arcade game developer. To let the gamers know their latest releases and more games developed in the past, we have added a flash card in the in-game interface where the gamers can see and download more cool game games developed by Techy Mau. 

Updates are always in demand and Techy Mau has made significant changes in their best Archery Game - The Little Guardian. Check all the cool updates and experience the fast-paced arcade game and challenge your friends to beat your high scores. 

Stay connected to Techy Mau’s social media handles and the official Techy Mau website to know about their latest and upcoming mobile games releases. 

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