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The Howitzer- Slingshot Adventure: New Update Released

Posted on Thursday, 26 August 2021

The Howitzer, Techy Mau Game Studios’ very first production, is a hyper casual slingshot based adventure game, which can be played by people of all age groups. The game is intended to provide all round fun to people by playing the game at their comfort and free time. Game play is pretty simple, like any other casual game, but we have tried to make it interesting by introducing some new types of obstacles and gameplay challenges. The game already has 10K+ downloads across platforms and is one of the best hyper-casual games at present which is why the updates are needed frequently so that the players don’t get bored or feel like mastering the game very quickly. Updates are very important and Techy Mau is dedicated to providing the best User Interface to their first ever game.

The Howitzer’s Exciting features:

  1. Game UI Planning: The important factor is to keep the UI clean so that the gamer can focus on gameplay. If there are too many UI elements in a casual game, then it is good for nothing. So we kept things minimal, ensuring full focus on the strategy and gameplay.

  1. Different Levels planning: Every level was initially planned on a piece of paper. We did this to ensure that levels are challenging enough and also playable with options to create a high score.

    The Howitzer

  1. Game UI: Colors always play an important role as they reflect the idea so we made the theme a bit childish. Colors used are light and fonts used are cartoonish. This is done so that kids can connect with the game more.

  1. Gameplay Implementation: Gameplay is implemented using light colors, so that players can play for a longer period of time.

The Howitzer - Patch Updates Released

       Let’s look at the patch updates of the slingshot adventure - The Howitzer

  • Improved Ads load time: Ever felt irritated with ads flashing while playing your favourite game, well ads have its own benefits that lets your fingertips take a short break before having another go at the screen to score higher than ever before. This is past now because in the latest update we have improved Ads loading time. Now the ads load faster than ever before and the user can skip it after a certain amount of time.

  • Fixed a bug of total time played in the Profile Section:  We had previously detected a bug in-game, as it did not used to show the correct time played by a gamer but we have fixed the bug in the latest patch update. The user can easily note the time he plays the game without a pause.

  • Google Sign In Feature: The best improvement made in the latest update is the synchronization of Google Play Services which lets a user connect his in-game progress with his Google Play Services account and all his in-game progress will be saved online.

  • Added a Skip button for Intro Video: This is another user-friendly feature added in our latest patch update where the users can now “Skip” the Techy Mau intro video as per their choice everytime they sign in to the game.

  • Improved level selection: The levels unlike earlier are harder now because the game now focuses on the player's current level and the in-game obstacles will be presented as per the gamer’s current level making it a whole new experience every time a gamer signs into the game.

  •  Added Share Feature: The gamers can now share their favourite “Howitzer” game with their friends. This opens the door to beating each other’s highest scores. The desire to compete with your friends has been fulfilled by Techy Mau’s: The Howitzer- Slingshot Adventure

  • Updated Flash Card: This in-game feature helps users find more cool hyper-casual games developed by Techy Mau Game Studios.

  • Credit Details: Ever wondered who is behind the curtains of developing such cool games? Well, we have added credit details in-game where you can find the brilliant minds behind these cool hyper-casual games designed by Techy Mau Game Studios.

  • Screen Lock disabled: Upon inactivity the screen will not be locked in our latest update so the user will not have to unlock his device every time he gets inactive for a particular period of time. 

Let's experience the updates released by Techy Mau Game Studios for The Howitzer and challenge your  friends to beat your highest score.

Games have always fascinated us. They give us an opportunity to be someone that we cannot in our real life. We are amazed sometimes by the creativity developers and designers put into ensuring a very creative engagement. More such cool updates are awaiting you in-game: The Howitzer- Slingshot Adventure.

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