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Futuristic Approach For Our Blog

Posted on Monday, 27 April 2020

Hello Folks!

We hope that you are safe at your home and are quite enjoying the lockdown period by playing games, spending time with family, and watching TV. COVID-19/Corona Virus outspread has forced everyone to stay home. There is a huge loss in the economy. And there are a lot of challenges everyone is facing. We pray that everything returns to normal really soon. 

This blog is all about what content will be posted regularly. How it can benefit our readers? How can it keep you updated? How can it keep you entertained? 

Keeping it short, we will be posting updates under different categories which are explained in the sections below. Have a look and let us know in comments that what are your thoughts about this approach. 

Studio Update

This category is specifically defined to inform our users, aspiring job seekers, small game studios who want to partner with us and potential investors about the things going on with the studio. The reason behind starting this section is to motivate individual game developers, students, small game studios, and many other people related to the gaming industry, that how a small start can turn into something great.

There are tiny steps that we are taking to progress. There are major decisions we are making to ensure that things stay right.  It includes general updates about the openings we have, the training we provide, assistance to students in learning game development, and corporate updates about us. 

Upcoming Updates

This section is specifically dedicated to the games we have already launched and are available on different platforms to play. We will be posting content related to the updates which are planned and will be rolling out in the near future. For most of the updates, we will also be sharing the date on which the updates are estimated. Also, we are planning to share the updates regarding, how to we plan out these updates, and what effect that will have on gameplay.

This is going to benefit our audience with the feature update and they can prepare themself for the same. They can plan their strategy for further gameplay. Also, new aspiring game developers and game studios can learn how to plan more updates and how can they impact your game audience.

As you know we have two casual games on the floor. One of them is The Howitzer, which is a casual sling-shot game. This game is also available for Windows and iOS platforms. Another is Space Runner, which is an infinite runner. We hope that you have loved the games and if there is any feedback feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Planning Guide

This is one of the most interesting categories we will be posting updates. Here we will be sharing the planning mechanism that we use for every game. It includes how did we come up with a game idea, how did we plan its execution, how did we plan its marketing, and much more.

We will be sharing detailed procedures that we followed to finalize all the features list, UI, animations, gameplay by use of interactive tools like wireframes and version control. This will enable our readers to plan their game well and can learn about the stuff. Also, it will let our Game Audience know how hard we work to come up with a game title. We will also share some of the creative wireframes that we made, how did the UI come up, how did we design the game play using Pen and Paper, and more. So, Stay Tuned for interesting updates. 

Development Guide

As the title suggests, this category will include basic tutorials for freshers on how can they make the games we made. Or they can make a similar game. Initially, we thought of dropping this idea, but later we realized, that it is going to help beginners and students to develop their skills.

Posts here will include step by step guide to developing the game, and we will also try to include video instructions for the same. We will be posting text + images + video instructions to the guide to make the games. Also, we will include the challenges we faced and the ways to overcome them. So we hope, a good piece of information on game development will be beginning soon. 

Game Talks

This is a general discussion section where we will be sharing updates about the games built by other studios. We will be posting this content to ensure that we can share our review based on the developer side or can say the technical side. We will share the top games in different genres and the things that people are liking about them. 

So this is all that we are planning. You can also connect with us on all our different social media handles and can let us know any idea that is striking your mind. We wish you to stay safe and stay healthy. This is the first time that real-life itself became like the life we show in games, so enjoy it.

Stay tuned for more updates.