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Dodo Run: Our Upcoming Endless Runner Game

Posted on Monday, 22 November 2021

The concept of endless is associated with our life from childhood… Got surprised to know this never noticed fact, So let us introduce you to the endless fact of our life.

In childhood, we were dealing with endless doubts about maths, science, etc. In our teenage years, we are a part of an endless competition “Be the Popular” whereas, in adulthood, we all face an endless struggle in our workplace. That eventually makes the endless concept boring for all of us.

So to turn these boring vibes connected to Endless, We  “Techymau Game Studios” your fun partner is coming up with a new game Dodo Run - An endless Runner Game.

Dodo Run: Our upcoming endless runner game is inspired by all the endless races of our lives. Basically, the purpose of Dodo Run is to twist the endless tension of your life into endless fun.

And in this article, we are going to explore how all the characteristics of our upcoming endless runner game Dodo Run is inspired from real-life and mold it in the face of reel life that makes our concept unique and full of fun to play again and again.
Let start our roller coaster ride of the future’s Best Endless Runner Game.

Dodo Run: Endless Runner Game!

Among the crowd of many gaming studios in India, TechyMau works with the motive of “Designing Games for Life.”

And thus, this time they are currently developing the most awaited Hyper-Casual Runner game “Dodo Run”. Basically, Techymau Game Studios is planning to bring the cool Runner Game version that would be listed in the Best Runner Games list for all age groups in 2022.

'Dodo Run’ joins the adventure of survival of life where the meteors signify the limits of our life, following us on the different paths like Forest Path, Lava Path, Ice Path, and Ridge Path.

These paths symbolize the path of struggle associated with different age groups.
Just like in life we use our different characters as per our need here in the game we offer a usage list of characters to the players such us-

  • Dodo 
  • Crocky 
  • Leo
  • Elie
  • Turbo
  • Musk
  • Bubble
  • Pihu
  • Comet
  • Sontu
  • Rakoon
  • Mau

Use your favorite character to run, dodge, jump, slide to set your own benchmark score among your friends on the LeaderBoard.

Now let's find the facts that connect the Dodo Run: Endless Runner Game with our lives. 

Just like life, we will surprise you on the path with some different awesome opportunities to earn bonuses and different powers for achieving a high score and spend more time with your fun partner Dodo. As we offer various elements such as: 
  • Coins Diamonds
  • Score Multiplier
  • Energy Potion
  • The Corpse of Wings and many more

Now you all will be willing to know the achievements, tasks, to earn skills, power-ups, and coins that will make your character a superstar. So here is a glimpse of some achievements tasks -:
  1. The Athlete
  2. The Banker
  3. The Explorer 
  4. The Addict
  5. The Collector and many more

To unlock the fun of these achievements and get awarded with different kinds of cool titles you have to play the games.

Now to level up your excitement towards the upcoming Runner Game in this article we are giving you a bonus where we are going to introduce some of the best power-ups our game offered.

Power-Ups -:
  • Head Start
  • Invisible
  • Change character Coin 
  • Spear of REX
  • Corpse of Wings
  • Bone Multiplier
  • Diamond Multiplier

Apart from these power-ups, many other premium powers will be waiting for you and your friends. Have a question about how you can play this single-player game with your friend?

Here is the answer, For offering uniqueness and the feeling of a virtual friend’s hangout.

Dodo Run is giving the privilege to the players to log in to their Facebook and get score comparisons with friends under the separate leaderboard section. It also enables  Google play to connect and  Gameroom connect to get the fun of playing with global profiles.

In simple words, Dodo run is an endless treasure of happiness, fun, and joy of encountering different types of obstacles and successfully moving forward.

This Endless Runner Game will never disappoint to entertain you because if the meteors, unfortunately, fall on you. Just start again and push your limits to score more than the previous attempt which again teaches all of us two important key points for life- "starting the journey again is more important than reaching the destination" and also "You only can break your limits".

After this short playful trailer of Dodo Run, the upcoming endless runner game, We hope you all are waiting to experience the real endless version of fun. So to get the studio updates like release news etc stay in tune with your own Techymau Games Studios.

For spending this waiting time in a playful way you can visit Techymau Game Studios and play some Best Hyper-Casual Games of your choice.