Relaunching Dirt Rage Soon

Dirt Rage Takes a Pit Stop: Returning Soon With New Features!

Posted on Thursday, 09 May 2024

To everyone who enjoys off-road racing: Get ready for an adventurous return of the highly popular NFT-based video game Dirt Rage, an adrenaline-fueled extravaganza unlike anything you've ever seen. We're putting all our dedication and hard work into redesigning with incredible new features in the next update of the Dirt Rage. With packs of innovations and technology upgrades, Dirt Rage is returning soon to the off-road racing scene. Be ready for a legendary off-road racing adventure.

Why the Pit Stop?

Why the Pit Stop

Our decision to temporarily remove Dirt Rage from stores wasn't taken lightly. Behind the studio, our team has been hard at work, meticulously analyzing feedback from our passionate community of racers and addressing the technical challenges that come with pushing the boundaries of gaming excellence. Every minute of our pause has been devoted to making sure that when Dirt Rage roars back to life, it does so with a vengeance, from modifying our gameplay mechanics to improving the overall user experience.

What's New in Dirt Rage?

What's New in Dirt Rage

As we reveal the amazing new features in the upcoming version of the Dirt Rage to make it the best off-roading game, get ready to be amazed:

New Maps

We say goodbye to cookie-cutter tracks and develop new landscapes that will challenge your racing game skills to the extreme limit. To create a sensory off-road experience, our team has carefully sculpted every hill, dip, and turn.

Expanded Vehicle Options

From powerful monster trucks to agile ATVs, We broadened our vehicle lineup to provide a wide range of options for every type of racer. Whether you prefer aggressive tactics or quick responsiveness, Dirt Rage has an adventure for you.

Upgraded Visual Effects

To make the game more intense, we're adding new features like dynamic weather effects and improved sound design. This means that during races, you'll actually experience realistic changes like rain or storms, and the sound effects will be even more stimulating. We've worked very hard to optimize every aspect of this video game so that you can play and get the maximum rush of excitement.

Advanced Racing Game Strategies

Advancing isn't just about going fast. It’s also about competing with your opponents and beating them with your racing Game skills. The secret to winning on the redesigned Dirt tracks is strategic thinking. With your best vehicle controls and moves, you'll navigate the tracks in different situations and weather conditions for an amazing victory.

Futuristic Elements Approach

Thanks to advanced physics engines and the latest technologies that make every race more challenging and adventurous. With AI and the latest upcoming NFT technology, Dirt Rage allows you to own unique NFT assets like special NFT vehicles, all securely stored on the blockchain. With stunning graphics that blend contemporary design with futuristic elements, Dirt Rage is where future technology meets innovation.

Behind the Scenes: Dirt Rage Development

Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a major game overhaul like Dirt Rage? Strap in as we take you on a journey through the intricate world of game development:

Blender for Modeling and UV Unwrapping

Our team of modelers and artists has worked hard to create stunning 3D models with Blender, a powerful open-source modeling software. From vehicles to environments, every detail in Dirt Rage has been closely sculpted and UV unwrapped to ensure maximum visual fidelity.

Texturing in Substance Painter

After finishing the models, the next step for us is to apply textures so the appearance of each asset or model looks more unique and attractive. Our team of artists uses Substance Painter, a well-known software, to give vehicles, characters, and terrain surfaces depth, intricate detail, and lifelike characteristics.

Rigging and Animations in Maya

With our models textured and ready to go, it's time to bring them to life with rigging. Using Autodesk Maya, our skilled animators rig each vehicle with a sophisticated skeleton that allows for fluid movement and realistic physics. From suspension systems to steering mechanisms, every component is meticulously rigged to ensure smooth, lifelike animations.

Now that the rigs are in place it's time to bring our vehicles to life with animation. Our talented animators use this powerful animation tool to create dynamic sequences that bring our vehicles to the dirt tracks. From the loud engine sounds to the heart-stopping jumps, every part of the game is packed with exciting animations that will keep you engaged and excited.

VFX Using Unity Game Engine

Finally, it's time to put it all together in Unity game engine, the engine that powers Dirt Rage's off-roading world. Our team of VFX artists uses Unity's powerful visual effects tools to add the finishing touches to our dirt world. From dynamic weather effects to explosive skid effects, the Unity engine allows us to create a visually attractive experience that will leave players breathless.

The Main Challenge we faced during Modelling and Texturing was optimization as we were restricted to the poly limit for mobile devices, we overcame this by baking high poly mesh details on low poly mesh and using UDIMs texture workflow.

Also for the map, we faced the same problem with optimization and lighting as well we overcame this by using low poly assets, and for lighting, we used custom lights and baked them on the map.

NFT Integration: Transforming Video Games

Transforming Video Games

But that's not all – this off-roading experience is also having the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to completely transform how players interact and earn with our game:

Overview of NFT Vehicle Models: Using NFTs, players can upgrade and acquire exclusive in-game NFT vehicles that are tradable and authentically rare. From rare vehicle upgrades to limited-edition vehicles, NFTs add a whole new layer of dimension to the Dirt Rage experience.

NFTs' advantages for collectors and players: Whether you're an avid collector or a competitive racer, This NFT blockchain game provides an endless number of advantages that traditional gaming economies simply can't match. Integration of NFTs gives Dirt racing a whole new level of depth, from actual ownership of in-game NFT assets to the possibility of real-world value appreciation.

The Future of Dirt Rage

The Future of Dirt Rage

The future of Dirt Rage appears to be brighter than ever as we prepare for our big relaunch. With continued development plans and updates in the pipeline, we're committed to keeping the adventure and action for our dedicated community of racers.

Thus, it can be said that Dirt Rage will return, bigger and better than ever before. Every component of the game, from improved gameplay mechanics to realistic graphics, has been carefully designed and developed to provide an exciting gaming experience compete game genres like 4x4 car games. So stay tuned with Techy Mau Game Studios or follow us on our social handles for upcoming off-road updates and tell everyone about it. We have so much excitement to see you at the starting line of this once-in-a-lifetime competition!