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Impact Of Digital Marketing In The Gaming Industry

Posted on Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Digital marketing has seen a huge rise in the past few years and so has the gaming industry. It is estimated that marketers will spend 75% of their marketing budget on digital marketing instead of traditional marketing in 2021. Digital marketing is taking over successfully.

Every year a large number of internet users are becoming gamers and this is not only in the united states but all over the world. The gaming market is growing indefinitely and it is important for digital marketers to understand how they will participate and how they will allocate their budgets with the industry.

What Gaming Industry Mean for Digital Marketers?

  • An indulgence in the gaming industry allows you to interact with a whole world of users that were otherwise not in the picture for digital marketers. Gaming visits by devices is drastically increasing year by year, completely affecting the way content is consumed, tablets have made a large comeback among gamers. Getting to know these insights about the gaming and other industries can really help digital marketers to reach potential consumers.


  • Video Gaming and Live Streaming

    Video content is the new king, millions of gamers stream live content and watch users play their favorite games. Video content gets the most attention and influences more users.  Most gamers just watch YouTube content about playing instead of actually playing the game.


Around 81% of businesses use video marketing as a tool- up from 63% since last year. (Hubspot). But gamers are just not watching regular users; they are watching influencers who are pro at their favorite games so they can connect to them and learn.

  • Female Audience

    Around 63%of the gamers were females as of 2019 statistics. Gone are the days when the gamers were just teenage boys playing video games in the basements. Most of the female players are middle-aged women. This is great news for marketers who want to target the gaming industry since they have a whole new age group to connect with. This large shift is caused by a lot of YouTube video gamers content that has gotten female attention.


YouTubers like Ihascupcakes who have around 2 billion followers on YouTube who started with legends and caught a lot of attention when she shifted to Mine craft. She currently has around 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube making her the most viewed YouTube gamers. While the male counterparts are more driven towards battle games and car racing, female creators have a deep and diverse connection with the audience.

  • Brand Integrity

    It is common these days for gaming or other companies to connect with influencers to promote their brand and games. When social points decided to promote Monster legends they connected to the American YouTube Markiplier. In 2018 Azur games launched a YouTube campaign and marketed with influencers to promote their upcoming Infinity Ops game. It got more attention and users registered more quickly since these influencers asked their followers to register.


    Within 22 days around 1.3 billion pre-registration happened. Marketing and branding have now become an integral part of the gaming industry, Digital marketers should understand this and reach out in the correct ways.

  • Cloud Gaming

    Cloud gaming has become recently popular. Amazon took over Twitch around 2014 which was a smart marketing move and got gamers thinking about how it will change the gaming experience. Cloud marketing has since bloomed giving opportunities to digital marketers on another level. Microsoft has also joined the battle with project 18 which is set to launch on Google play stream that came out in 2018. For gamer live streaming is an important experience and the growth of cloud services will initiate a lot of partnerships among the industries and marketers.


Marketers are told to stick to their niche mostly but the gaming industry opens doors for everyone. By creating a useful brand identity and inclusive relations, digital marketing companies can build strong consumer support. If people can learn digital marketing to become Marketers or can partner with influencers and masters of the industry it could create an enormous marketing strategy and help provide a great experience for the gamers.



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