5 Upcoming NFT, Shooting, & Simulator Video Games for Every Gamer!

5 Upcoming NFT, Shooting, & Simulator Video Games for Every Gamer!

Posted on Friday, 12 April 2024

We’re a group of devoted gamers and developers who love creating exciting indie games. Our main focus is on mobile games, as well as titles for PCs and consoles. As we keep growing, we’re becoming an important part of the constantly changing gaming world.

We are set to launch five new top upcoming video games that are sure to excite every gamer. With a diverse lineup of genres and themes in our upcoming games, these video games are some of the most anticipated best upcoming games in the industry and few of them are the most awaited upcoming Stylized Games.

Dirt Rage

Dirt Rage

Game Genre

Dirt Rage” belongs to the racing game genre. Specifically, it’s an arcade-style racing game. This means the game prioritizes fun and excitement over strict situations. Players can anticipate thrilling high-speed races on different tracks, Where they'll put their driving abilities to the test against formidable opponents.

About Game

Dirt Rage isn’t just about racing; it’s also about NFT or one of the best games of 2024 with his own unique token values. The game allows players to race on stunning global routes and drive a wide range of iconic vehicles. It features a star-studded multi-player mode, a betting mode, and the innovative tracks arena mode.

The game offers a blend of intense arcade pack racing and high-end visuals. It also includes specialized driving skills such as rallycross, ice racing, dune-buggy racing, and big wheeling.

Launch Details And Supported Platforms

Dirt Rage” is set to be released in March 2024 on multiple platforms to ensure a wide reach. The game will be available on Apple Play Store, Windows, Steam, and Google Play Store for now. It will also be launched on the next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation after launching this on mobile and PC.

Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery

Game Genre

Pizza Delivery” falls under the genre of simulator games, one of the genres and themes of popular upcoming games. This game immerses players in a variety of real-world roles in an attempt to create a genuine experience. One of the most anticipated new games is "Pizza Delivery," which lets you experience a pizza delivery character's typical day.

About Game

Pizza Delivery” is a game that’s all about delivering pizzas on time while navigating through bustling city streets. As a pizza delivery person, the player will need to effectively manage the time, map out his routes, and handle any unforeseen obstacles that may arise.

The game features a dynamic city environment filled with traffic, pedestrians, and multiple weather conditions heightens the difficulty of the game. It also includes a progression system where you can earn tips from satisfied customers.

Launch Details And Supported Platforms

This game will be available for all gamers in April of this year, it’s definitely an upcoming game to watch and wait for as one of the top upcoming games of Android, IOS, and Microsoft stores.



Game Genre

It is a color ball shooting game, a genre combining puzzle-solving, strategy, and action elements. These games require players to shoot colored balls at a series of hurdles to burst them and clear the way.

About Game

In “POP - POP”, players are tasked with shooting a colored ball at a series of hurdles and collecting it in a bucket to save one life. As players progress, the hurdles become more challenging, requiring quick thinking and faster reflexes. The game features vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay that will keep players hooked for hours. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up but hard to master, offering a satisfying challenge for both casual gamers and hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

Launch Details And Supported Platforms

“POP - POP” is set to launch in May 2024 and is one of the best upcoming games for Android, IOS, and Microsoft stores. The game will be available on a variety of platforms, ensuring that no matter where you prefer to game, “POP - POP” will be there.

DODO Run - The Endless Runner Game

Dodo Run

Game Genre

DODO Run is an endless runner game, a subgenre of action games that include running forward, avoiding obstacles, and collecting power boosters. All Endless Runner games are popular for their simple controls, adventurous gameplay, and high replay value. 

About the Game

The DODO Run game is inspired by our lives’ endless challenges and struggles, represented by meteors chasing us on different paths. The paths are Forest, Ice, and Ridge, each with its own obstacles and scenery.

The game features a variety of characters to choose from, such as 

  • Dodo - The Dinosaur

  • Crocky - The Crocodile

  • Leo - The Saber Tooth

  • Elie - The Elephant

  • Turbo - The Turtle

  • Musk - The Cat

  • Bubble - The Bunny

  • Pihu - The Deer

  • Comet - The Reindeer

  • Honey - The Monkey

  • Geoffrey - The Giraffe

  • Mau - The Saviour

Each character has its unique abilities and personality.

The game also offers various tasks to collect, such as coins, bones, score multipliers, energy potions, and the corpse of wings. These tasks can help the player perform a higher score and unclose more achievements and titles. Our purpose for this game is designed to be fun, addictive, and challenging for all age groups.

Launch Details And Supported Platforms

DODO Run is expected to be released in June this year and will be one of the best upcoming runner games of 2024 and available on IOS, Android, Microsoft, and Steam.

3D Snake & Ladder

3D Snake

Game Genre

This game belongs to the 3D board game genre, a type of board game that combines three-dimensional gameplay and graphics to produce a more mesmerizing and realistic experience. Because of their graphics, interactivity, and variety, 3D board games are quite popular. 

About the Game

In 3D Snake and Ladder, you will play on a board that is not flat but has depth and height. You will see amazing colors and shapes that make the board look alive. You will also find ladders that go up and snakes that go down, just like in the old game. But there is more to this game than just rolling the dice and moving your piece.

3D Snake and Ladder is a game that lets you explore the board and discover new things. You will have to use your brain and your luck to avoid the obstacles, use the power-ups, and beat your opponents. You will never know what will happen next in this game.

You can also play with other people in 3D Snake and Ladder. You can play with your friends and family, either on the same device or online. You can have fun and compete with them in exciting matches. You can also chat with them and share your scores.

3D Snake and Ladder is a game for everyone who loves board games. It is a game that combines the old and the new, the simple and the complex, the fun and the challenge. It is a game that you will never get bored of.

Launch Details And Supported Platforms

While the exact release date is yet to be announced, this will be out in the start of 2025, We are keeping the details under wraps for now. However, one thing is for sure – 3D Snake & Ladder is coming soon and will be available on IOS, Android, Microsoft, and Steam!

Techy Mau Game Studios has proven its dedication to creating captivating indie games with a diverse lineup of upcoming releases. Every game provides a distinct experience that appeals to a variety of players. These are the top 5 best upcoming games that you shouldn't miss, including "DODO Run" with its unlimited challenges, "3D Snake & Ladder" with its immersive 3D board game experience, "Dirt Rage" with its thrilling racing, "POP - POP" with its vivid and fascinating graphics, and "Pizza Delivery," a realistic simulator.

Our game studio is positioned to make a big impact on the gaming industry going forward. Their emphasis on a variety of genres, inventive gameplay, and cross-platform accessibility demonstrates a thorough comprehension of the rapidly changing gaming market. These top upcoming games for PC and big mobile games are some of the most anticipated upcoming games in different game genres

By continuing to bring such high-quality, engaging titles to life, We are not just following the trends in the gaming industry - we are trying to shape them. We eagerly anticipate the launch of these top upcoming games and look forward to seeing what else Techy Mau Game Studios has in store for the gaming community.

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