Different game genres and their best games

Action | Shooter | Fighting | Adventure

Video games allow you to put on a different hat and slip into personalities, it gives you the freedom to experiment, learn, stimulate your senses. Though video games do not have a great reputation it actually helps enhance memory, improves problem-solving skills, speeds up your brain, helps with multitasking and also improves social skills.

The market is always flooded with new games and there are many companies that develop games to provide you with the latest trends of gaming.

Here is a list of the top game genre and their best games:-

1. Action- Action video games involve a physical challenge. They are centered around the player who is in control of the actions. It relies on the player’s quick responses and the ability to react. The game progresses into different levels depending on the player’s activity.

  • Platformer - get your player a platform to run on and fight hurdles that come their way. It gives you a platform where you have to run over obstacles by jumping, navigating your player onto different platforms.

Best games: Mario, Rayman legend, super meat boy.

  • Shooter- is an action genre game, helps players engage in shooting activities to kill enemies or the opposite party. There are different shooter categories, fixed shooter, scroll shooter.

Best games: call of duty, Destiny 2, Doom 2016

  • Fighting- is an action game where two players fight in a one on one combat. There are different tools and exaggerated options to choose from. The players need to ace moves like combat, counter-attack, blocking to be successful in the game.

Best games: Mortal Kombat X2, Injustice 2, StreetFighter Third Strike III.

  • Stealth- In this game you do not directly face the opponent, instead, you avoid and hide. This is the only way to successfully complete the game. Sometimes sneaking from the enemy is also called ghosting.

Best games: Thief II, Tom clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Invisible Inc, Hitman: Blood Money

  • Survival- As the name suggests, you have to survive until the last to stay in the game. It is not about winning but using tactics to avoid the enemy for longer periods.

Best games: SCUM, Ark Survival Evolved.

  • Rhythm -is a genre-based entirely on music. It is one of the most engaging and fun games to play with your local friends.

Best Games: Beat Saber, Bit trip: Runner, thumper.

2. Action Adventure- combines action and adventure in one fully packed game.

It gives you the freedom to use physical skills like in an action game but also contains characters, dialogue, the storyline of that like an adventure game.

  • Survival horror- is one scary genre of game. Players are vulnerable to any kind of attack. Though some games provide weapons to protect yourself,  mostly it’s about being alert and trusting your senses to survive.

Best games- Resident Evil, The evil within 2